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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


String Orchestra in Bratislava playing "Let It Be"
Bratislava is a Slavic city only 60 kms from Vienna, but a world apart culturally. When I worked in the International Security arena, I spoke frequently to a Czechoslovakian woman, from the former Soviet state, who escaped across the border into Austria, and she told me about her final call to her mother when she got cold feet and wasn’t going to go through with it. Her mother told her to stay strong and go, and, afterwards she realized how fortunate she was to escape at that time. She never did see her mother alive again unfortunately.
One girl lost her way and wondering "Are we Done yet?"

We got into our hotel early in the afternoon, checked in, tram tickets bought and we were on our way to the old town. 20 mins later we were in the town centre where we toured the old castle/palace, the old town and most fortunately on a gorgeous sunny hot afternoon took in a free concert in the old town square just in front of their Opera house. Our highlight of the day was this 65-70 strong, string orchestra , accompany a rock musician in a rendition of the Beatles, Let it Be.
Bratislava has a vibrant arts community as well and that comes out with all the modern sculptures and brass works that can be seen around town. And we ate at our Son and daughter-in-law’s recommended pub, The House of Beers.
Us at the Opera House listening to them play

It was always at this point that we had said our plan was going to be fluid, we wanted to see Zermatt and the Matterhorn, but it really was weather dependent, so we were considering routes since the weather forecast was good.
Why are all the Soldiers Head-less?
Man at Work

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